Our Philosophy

At NJOIT, we believe that technology can fundamentally transform the way our government works for New Jersey’s taxpayers. Now more than ever, technology is altering how our citizens connect with their government and how institutions of government interact with each other. Technology can deliver the benefit of greater transparency, efficiency, and security. Innovations like automation and machine learning yield measurable increases in productivity and the cloud helps us achieve heretofore unforeseen levels of agility and economies of scale.

To capitalize on these benefits, government must keep pace with technology’s rate of change. At NJOIT we reject the notion that innovation exists beyond our reach.In the digital age, where the gap between New Jersey’s citizens and our technology users is an ever-shrinking integer, we are obligated to provide our citizens with a user experience commensurate with what the private sector offers.  In this respect, our technological prowess is a path to earning the confidence and trust of our constituents.

Join the Team

Open to General Public

Posting # Title Unit Closing Date Description
2017-039 Assistant Division Director Office of Information Technology
Operations Division
Infrastructure Security
March 27, 2017 [pdf 100kB]
2017-024 Geographic Information Systems Specialist 3 Office of Information Technology
Geographic Information Services
March 27, 2017 [pdf 165kB]
2017-037 Analyst Trainee Office of Information Technology
Financial Management Unit
March 24, 2017 [pdf 160kB]
2017-035 Software Development Specialist 1 Office of Information Technology
Digital Services
March 23, 2017 [pdf 180kB]

Open to State Employees

Posting # Title Unit Closing Date Description
2017-043 Administrative Analyst 3 Office of Information Technology
Financial Management
March 31, 2017 [pdf 170kB]
2017-038 Administrative Assistant 1 Office of Information Technology
IT Service Management
March 24, 2017 [pdf 100kB]
2017-036 Manager 1, Information Processing
Office of Information Technology
Network Call Center
March 23, 2017 [pdf 101kB]
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    Visitors garage is located next to the employee parking lot.