Wide Area Network, Backbone, and Internet

NJOIT’s Next-Generation Garden State Network (Next-Gen GSN) offers secure network communications for the State’s Executive Branch agencies and other county and municipal government users.  We provide data services to more than 1,200 physical locations spanning the entire State of New Jersey.  Each of our customers enjoy fault tolerant connectivity to multiple network nodes strategically positioned throughout New Jersey.

Built with State-owned fiber optic assets, Next-Gen GSN is powered by optical wave technologies, delivering bandwidth capacities of 8, 10 or 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) across a fully redundant, multi-ring topology.  Utilizing the MPLS (Multi-Packet Label Switching) protocol, data is securely routed across our backbone with end-to-end latency times of five-thousandths of a second (5ms). We guarantee the efficient delivery of real-time network services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video, and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) for IP-based storage communications.  In the event of a backbone communication failure, traffic re-converges in less than 50 milliseconds, rendering most issues undetectable to the customer.  

The Next-Gen GSN also offer Internet services to all customers.  Access to and from the public Internet is secured through NJOIT’s multi-layered Internet Perimeter Services (IPS).  Maximum up-time is assured by our dual carrier and dual data center architecture.  With current specifications at 6 Gbps, we scale up to 40 Gbps on-demand.

Network-Based Data Center Services

Our Next-Gen GSN customers host services and applications in one or both of NJOIT’s enterprise-class data centers, where we offer shared and co-location hosting services. Co-location services logically extend the customers' network into our physical infrastructure. Application hosting services offer the added benefit of supporting 10 Gbps directly to the server(s) and he network infrastructure supporting the application hosting services is fully redundant across the core, distribution, and access layers.  We also host public-facing servers and applications to provide web-based access to secure applications, e-commerce, or proxied resources.

For applications hosted within NJOIT’s environment. we offer network load balancing to assist in load distribution across multiple, active servers. Servers are be deployed in clusters to distribute user interactions across several load-balancing techniques, thereby accommodating the removal of servers from rotation without impacting the user experience. In addition, we utilize intelligence domain name system (DNS) services for applications hosted at one or both of our data centers.

NJOIT’s extranet services enable secure access to third parties via Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) tunnels, Virtual Private Networks (VPN0 or private carrier lines. Extranets, in compliance with NJOIT policy, are hosted on-premise and behind NJOIT configured and managed firewalls.